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Talk Of Change is a podcast conversation hosted by Rob Murray to encourgage, inspire, and deepen your life and leadership both at home and at work.

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Rob Murray is a doctoral student, researcher, and business leader who's fascinated and fixated on understanding and navigating deep change and transformation.

In each episode Rob sits down with carefully selected experts, scholars, leaders, and guides opening up strong conversation that will shape your steps in finding more purpose, capacity, and connection.

Ep #6 - If I Only Had a Heart: With Jeff Schulte. (NEW)
Despite being hardwired for intimate relationships, our fear and shame keep us detached from our own hearts and therefore detached from the ones we love. If you want your heart back, listen in!

Ep #5 - Facing Your Anxious Dragons: With Jonathan Rios
Anxiety can often feel like you have a thousand-pound boulder hanging over your head, ready to crush you at any given time. What could it look like to face your anxiety?

Ep #4 - Winning is Everything: With Troy Murphy
Much like the NFL, winning is often defined by whatever brings in the most money. To make the draft is a massive deal, but then to stay in it becomes an entirely new set of different pressures!

Ep #3 - Good Grief: With Janina Tiner (BSN, RN, MMFT, LMFT)
Live life with more calmness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, courage, creativity, and connection.

Ep #2 - How to Solve Your People Problems: With Dr. Alan Godwin
Make your good relationships better and handle your difficult relationships more capably.

Ep #1 - Working Harder and Smarter Until You Can't: With Phil Herndon
Working harder and smarter no longer works anymore and something has to change!



Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Rob graduated from Stellenbosh University with a B.A. in Theology before moving to the United States in 2002. 

Over the last fifteen years, Rob has worked at the intersection of Faith, Business, and Social Justice. This journey led him to complete a Masters Degree in Social & Civic Entrepreneurship and he is currently completing a Doctorate of Transformational Leadership.

Rob is also the President of Westfall Speakers, a talent agency that works alongside Westfall Gold, specializes in securing the best presenters and performers for the major and mega donor events.

As a co-founder and CEO of Transformed Leader, Rob has a deep passion for developing integrative resources and approaches that systemically help leaders and teams to engage deep change strategies that transform both their personal and professional contexts.  

Franklin, Tennessee is now home for Rob, his wife Natalie, and their four beautiful kiddos. 


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