Season 1


Ep#1 - Working Harder and Smarter Until You Can't: With Phil Herndon

Rob Murray opens up the Talk Of Change podcast with a challenging conversation with Phil Herndon about the common challenges, realities, and opportunities for leaders who have reached the end of themselves. Working harder and smarter no longer works anymore and something has to change!


Ep #2 - How to Solve Your People Problems: With Dr. Alan Godwin

Conflict is inevitable but not all conflict is not created equal. In this episode, Rob interviews Dr. Alan Godwin to learn about the different methods needed for handling unreasonable people, establish good communication and healthy boundaries, counter old conflict patterns when they return, and get back on track. Make your good relationships better and handle your difficult relationships more capably by implementing these principles and steps.


Ep #3 - Good Grief: With Janina Tiner 

Life can be extremely challenging. In this episode, Rob Murray interviews Janina Tiner about her experience as a certified IFS, Grief, and EMDR Specialist. Together they deliver conversation and encouragement that will offer you the opportunity to live your life with more calmness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, courage, creativity, & connection. It goes a long way in the healing journey to offer respect and purpose to those parts of ourselves that have gone off to war and need to return home.


Ep #4 - Winning is Everything: With Troy Murphy

Rob talks with Troy Murphy, a former marine and chaplain for the Green Bay Packers. There are huge pressures on many of us at work to win! Much like the NFL, winning is often defined by whatever brings in the most money. For players to make the NFL is a massive deal, but then to stay in the game, becomes an entirely new set of different pressures. Join Rob & Troy in this episode to hear more about how to become a researcher of your own story, learn more about what you feel, and why you do what you do.


Ep #5 - Facing Your Anxious Dragons: With Jonathan Rios

Anxiety can often feel like you have a thousand-pound boulder hanging over your head, ready to crush you at any given time. In this episode on the Talk Of Change podcast, Rob chats with Jonathan Rios, focusing on this very relatable topic. We can often fuse who we are with what we do. Threats that challenge this arrangement can produce excessive amounts of fear and anxiety that can shake or cripple us. What could it look like to face your anxious dragons?


Ep #6 - If I Only Had a Heart: With Jeff Schulte

This is a personal episode for Rob Murray as he connect with Jeff Schulte from Tin Man, a past guide and now friend, mentor, and coworker. Many people live life alone, trapped in the prison of their own intellect, morality, and self-will. Despite being hard-wired for intimate relationships, our fear and shame keep us detached from our own hearts and therefore detached from the ones we love. If you want your heart back and more for your life, listen in as Jeff tells the story of the Tin Man, oh and snakes.


Ep #7 - You Can't Escape the Family System: Dr. Kathleen Smith

You do not live and die within a vacuum. Families are systems of interconnected and interdependent individuals, none of whom can be understood in isolation from the system. Emotional connections and agreements have and continue to be forged around managing anxiety. Listen in to this episode as Rob interview Dr. Kathleen Smith, an associate faculty member at the Bowen Center in Washington, DC, which trains clinicians, clergy, and business leaders in the practice of Bowen Family Systems Theory.