Rob Murray is a business leader, experiential facilitator, and inspirational speaker who fuels his topics and content with his Doctoral research on change leadership.

He speaks to companies, associations and leaders from across the country, challenging and inspiring audiences to grow their capacity, connection, courage, and character in ways that positively impacts both their personal and professional contexts.

Invite Rob to Speak at Your Next Event

Five Reasons to Consider Rob for your Next Event or Corporate Training:

1. Personal: Rob brings a brave level of personal depth, heart, and presence through his delivery and content, believing that it is hard to take people on a journey you have not already taken or are not willing walk yourself. 

2. Experiential: Rob has an experiential facilitation background which offers more opportunity and options for pushing the boundaries both on and off stage with audiences, executive teams, or individuals. 

3. Motivated: Rob is an active doctoral researcher studying change and transformation in the life of a leader, team, and organization. His messages emerge from the overflow of his studies and are tested and embraced in his own work.

4. Considerate: Rob understands the success of your event is important and his involvement is a small part of your bigger purpose! He takes time pre-event ensuring he learns about your audience, your desired outcomes, and how his delivery and message can be customized to best compliment.

5. Systemic: Rob believes the long term investment and outcomes of his approach. He works systemically at the intersection of the individual and the organization, believing both are inseparable for lasting growth. Solely focused on either one and you fail to develop the full potential for either. 


Rob is a very gifted speaker! He's engaging, paints pictures with his words, and has a style and approach which you will love. During my NFL career I have listened to 1000's of speakers/speeches and Rob is one of those that stands out. Enjoy him!” 
– T. Pepper Burruss (Green Bay Packers, Athletic Trainer)


“Rob's vulnerability and delivery let us all in the audience connect to own fear, uncertainty, & loss is in ways that will positively unlock a more powerful future! Connected & impacting.” 
– Brad Stinson (CEO of The Collective Global)


“With a personal passion from his own transformative journey, Rob brings clarity and compassion into the room, leading with two foundational qualities in the conversation: safety and trust by knowing and being known. The results have offered me the opportunity to break through unhealthy thought patterns and catch a renewed vision for my leadership.”
- Mike Lenda (CEO of The Well Coffee Company) 


“Rob is clearly a thought leader on change and transformation. He immediately engaged attendees with strong insights, and personal experiences, while delivering practical applications for our next steps. I have been inspired towards becoming more transformative in my work.”- Bryan Doeshel (Chief Dev. Officer for Williamson, Inc.)


“I had read the books, attended seminars, been through training courses, but none of them changed the core of who I am like the work I’ve accomplished with Rob. He is an excellent teacher, coach, and facilitator. If you want to experience real change and grow.” 
- Jeremy Reis (Food for the Hungry)


“There is a vulnerable depth to Rob’s facilitation processes and messages which have catalyzed some brave decisions and movements in my own life.”
- Jon Sell (Director of A&R: Capital Records)